Forex Trading and Its Intricacies

Forex Trading and Its Intricacies

While everyone knows the stock market is constantly changing, sometimes it takes a huge turn. The Internet shocked the Wallstreet to its roots, flipping the world upside down as it seemed to brokers; allowing even Jane and Joe Public to join the bandwagon of traders. Now the biggest thing to hit stocks is the Forex market. Foreign Exchange, or FOREX trading allows anyone on earth to trade internationally 24 hours a day, and make a profit no matter what their nations economy looks like. While some consider the Forex market a safe investment option, one twist of the market can bring an entire portfolio crashing to its knees. The fact that Forex trading is live all day long makes it difficult for traders to keep from losing money overnight. For this purpose, software developers have launched Forex robots; software programs that expect and react to every market trend.

These automated online traders use advanced algorithms to make money on the stock market; competing at the same time with other bots as well as humans. Because they can orchestrate multiple trades at once, every second of the day, all a user needs to do is put in money to invest, turn on the robot, and let it earn money. In just a few days, investors can see a fruitful bounty in a diversified portfolio that literally makes money as they sleep. The Forex market is alive with entrepreneurs; with almost $4,000,000,000,000 switching hands everyday.

The trick to trading Forex is finding the best robot. The ‘stand strong’ theory plays very well in this situation: the Forex robot with the superior algorithm trounces the others and brings in a hefty profit for its owner. While customer reviews can be a nice way to judge a Forex robot, many times over enthusiastic users will proudly write up five star testimonials without having tried other robots that might have generated twice the profit. We have carefully sifted through dozens of features and hands-on experience to bring you a tried and true standard for Forex robots.

Safety always comes first; and in the world of Forex, any robot can easily seem like “the one”, but unless you have experimented with dozens of bots, its hard to tell a treasure from a trashcan. Sometimes sellers will show the best few months of trades their robot made, while hiding the larger portion of track record from you; causing you to make poor judgment based on little data. To successfully choose between the good and the rubbish, at least a one year track record is needed, if not more so.

Another built-in must have feature to look for in a winning Forex robot is a dynamic function that shows you the amount of capital needed. Never guess with Forex, one mistake might lose all your gains. Only robots that provide you with exactly how much money to invest should be candidates for your choice. A good Forex robot should protect your investment and making it grow, not dash … Read More

Trading – What 4 Key Rules Will Ensure You Keep To Your Rules And Ensure Your Success?

Trading - What 4 Key Rules Will Ensure You Keep To Your Rules And Ensure Your Success?

I am a great proponent of utilizing your intuition, instinct and ‘gut’ feelings.

However, In trading – and day trading especially, your instincts can be wrong most of the time

 almost all the time when you are trading scared or under pressure.  Your instincts will be wrong when you are feeling emotional and you are ‘second guessing’ your rules or your plan.

When you look back over a period of time and ask yourself ‘If I had done the opposite of what I did do in the last 1-2 weeks, or if someone had tricked me into buying a put instead of a call or a call instead of a put – ‘my trading account would have done wonderfully!’

What does that tell you?

It does not tell you that you are stupid or don’t know what you are doing.

‘So, what does that tell me Karen?

It tells you that you are normal!

Almost all traders have felt like this at some stage in their trading life and it was telling them the same thing as it is telling you NOW.

Trading any market is about human emotion.  The markets driver is emotion.

You must have trading rules and a trading plan and most importantly, you must be able to stick to your rules and plan under ALL trading conditions.

Sounds easy huh?

Well, if you have been trading for any length of time, you know that it is easier said than done.  Particularly in the early stages of your trading journey.

Once you start trading scared or nervously – you will continue to make mistakes if you do not stick to your trading plan.

When you are trading under pressure – it will feel like you are doing the right thing by veering away from your plan and the rules that you have set down.

If you can look at your recent trading history and can really say that if you had have bought a put instead of a call or a call instead of a put – then you instincts are indeed probably wrong.

You can’t trade off gut feel you have to trade off rules – let you intuition be your back up guide but never trade on instinct, intuition or ‘gut’ alone.

Again, I stipulate.

Trade off rules!

Stick to your plan!

‘So, Karen, what are the keys to sticking to my plan and keeping to my rules?’

I hear you say.

Understanding yourself and how your mind works, is key.

Having processes in place to best manage your time and how you trade, is key.

Having faith and belief in what you are doing, is key.

Utilizing the power of your unconscious mind to ensure your beliefs are    aligned with your conscious desires, is key.

Are you sick and tired of the emotional roller coaster of trading and want to be able to stick to your rules?

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