10 Wedding Photo Moments That Cannot Be Missed

Because marriage is a moment that is anticipated, as a prospective bride, you must prepare it carefully. From the brightness, the application clothes, to the reception catering. Each event must be prepared in detail. No exception documentation. Through the camera, you will record the sacred moments of your wedding ceremony so that you and your partner can continue to remember it sweetly in the form of photos and videos. If you are looking for the best photographer, just call Solaris Studios.

Here are 10 wedding photo moments that should not be missed,

  1. When you close your eyes to be dressed up, let the photographer immortalize the clothes that you will use later. The special outfit you prepare will be a silent witness how happy you were that day.
  2. Album wedding is not complete if there is no portrait of the bridesmaids who always faithfully accompany you until you become a wife. In order for your wedding day to always remember, try to take pictures with style as if candied when friends who become bridesmaids are helping you with your dress and makeup.

  3.  The tension before loyal promises can be reduced thanks to the entertaining groomsmen. Nothing wrong you record their silly behavior. For fun things in marriage do not pass by, portrait the groomsmen in their silly behavior.

  4. Your beautiful and handsome face on your wedding day should be captured in a dramatic portrait photo. Pictures like this do not just show how wise you are waiting for the moment of sacred promise, portrait photo like this is also slick to be displayed in the new house later.

  5. The promise you make will make your heart tremble. Make sure you keep the expression of happy blues read from your face. Without reducing the sanctity of your marriage, there is no harm in you tell your wedding photographer to take pictures of your face when the consent of marriage/blessing of marriage.

  6. Face surprised nan happy when prospective husband first saw his wife in dress or kebaya you must remember until old. The expression of the first encounter after the legitimate becomes a married couple you must keep in a memorable album. So, you can remember the moment of relief and happy until old. Not infrequently your love will always be young again when looking at this memorable photo again.

  7. That marriage means you will wade the ship alone. So, the separation with the parents in the moment of hand shake becomes the thing that makes you most sad. Well, for the marriage does not disappear from the memories, then suggest to your photographer to aim the camera candidly at the moment farewell to parent. That way, your wedding photo album becomes complete and have many flavors.

  8. In order for farewell with the closest family can be recorded beautifully, create a unique photo with an interesting pose. Shared photos together with the parents at the time of marriage must be legal. Not only rows neatly above the aisle, now you can

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